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How it Works


​1. Determine your specific tutoring needs. Series 66 Exam Tutor provides tutoring for the Series 66 Exam, the Series 6 Exam, the Series 7 Exam, the Series 65 Exam, the Series 63 Exam and for College Finance Courses.


2. Contact Series 66 Exam Tutor for a free consultation.


3. Schedule tutoring sessions, which can be days, evenings or weekends. Sessions are conducted via live one-on-one video (Joinme with screen sharing or Zoom with screen sharing, In-person or by phone. During the consultation, you should indicate the topics to be covered during the tutoring sessions as well as the name of the materials you are currently using. Prices range from $65 to $150 per hour 


4.Send a payment to Series 66 Exam Tutor via Paypal (You don't need a Paypal account.You can also pay by credit card as a guest.) by clicking on the following link for the Pricing Page. You can pay for multiple sessions at one time. Payment should generally be made within 48 hours of reserving tutoring sessions. Payment can also be made before reserving a tutoring session.


*** There may be an minimum hourly commitment for in-person tutoring in certain locations.

*** We reserve the right to change the above process at any time.

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