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Series 66 Exam Tutor Testimonials



I just want to take a moment and let you know how thankful I am for all your help. I have studied with other testing sites and none was as easy to understand as when I studied with you. The first time I had taken the test I had failed, after our tutoring sessions I increased by 14 points and passed. Thank you again and now lets start studying for the 66.


Thank you, 

Diana - Staten Island, NY


I recently took and passed the Series 6 exam. There were several concepts I didn't understand or could not remember due to the amount of information, Michael helped me a lot by giving me ''tricks'' on how to remember and also by giving examples I could apply in the real world. Michael is very knowledgeable and very patient, this was important for me because English is my second language and I had difficulty even with some of the ''basic'' terms. Thank You Michael! :)


Giovanna - Miami, Florida



Michael , At 27 and armed only with an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and zero background in finance, I knew embarking on the Series 7 Exam was going to be difficult. Everything I was reading and learning I was seeing for the first time and even some of the terminology was difficult to grasp. However, through your understanding, teaching, and patience, I was able to obtain an 84% on the Series 7 Exam within only three months. It was extremely vital and refreshing to have you there to explain and talk about concepts in detail that allowed me to achieve a deeper understanding of the material which lead to my defeat of the Series 7 Exam. Thank you again for being available around the clock via email with questions and working so diligently with me on this huge undertaking. 


Your student, 

-Brian, Miami, Florida


​Let me just elaborate, I've never had difficulty with passing any tests. The series 7 and 63 came easy to me a few years ago. However, due to time constraints imposed by a new job position, I was suddenly put under pressure to study and pass the series 66 within three months. I thought I had it under control until I realized how difficult the subject matter was and the limited amount of time after working a full day I had to study. Unfortunately despite my best efforts, I failed not only the first attempt at passing the test, but the second as well. With the knowledge I had only one more opportunity to get it right, I new I would need a professional. Thankfully I learned of Michael Weiss. I was impressed with his manner and straightforwardness from our first telephone conversation. With Michael living beyond what would be a practical distance for me to travel to be tutored, we decided to conduct our sessions via SKYPE. Michael's vast knowledge of the financial world helped me to understand the areas where I was having the most difficulty. After a few sessions of questions and review with Michael, I felt I was ready to give the test a third and final attempt. On this attempt I felt more ready and confident than I had before and finally passed.


I feel that Michael's tutoring sessions gave me the boost in knowledge and confidence I needed to get through this test and on my way to a successful new career. Thank you Michael for your knowledge, patience, and availability.

​Denise, Northern, NJ





What can I say about Michael Weiss? He saved my 2013!!! Mr. Weiss tutored me for the 7 and also the 66. He was extremely helpful and made every effort to make sure he was available if I had any questions or concerns. Michael is a straight shooter. If you need someone to tell you if you are ready for an exam, he’s the person. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have Michael’s help I wouldn’t have gotten through the 66. The money spent is definitely worth it. I will always recommend Michael Weiss as the person you need for successful outcomes on the all those Exams. I went from a 68 the first time using other popular study materials to a score of 85 with Michael’s help on the Series 66.



David - Newtown, PA



In two sessions, Michael was able to give me direction to hone in on the topics that would be important to passing the series 66 exam.  Michael was also great at conveying his knowledge about the material in a way that helped me get a better grasp of it. Because of this, I was able to pass the series 66 with a score of 83!


Kyle - Boston, MA


I began seeing Michael to prepare for the Series 66 and Series 7 exams. I'd taken the Series 7, which I studied for on my own, and was unsuccessful on the first attempt. Knowing I had to get ready for the Series 6 and still retake the Series 7, I made the decision to reach out to Michael. The end result was I passed both tests, scoring even better than I thought I would. There's no doubt in my mind that studying with Michael made all the difference. He provided a comfortable setting which put me at ease, focused on the topics I needed to know, and provided strategies for problem solving I never could've come up with on my own. I definitely recommend Michael to anyone preparing for these exams.  


Jordan - Ewing, NJ

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