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I just wanted to reach out to you and say Thank you! I have to contribute my success in passing both the Series 7/66 to you! Your ability in helping me exceeded my expectations and helped me get a firm grasp of the material. Before reaching out for tutoring before my first exam (Series 7) I was totally lost and all over the place with the amount of information. From the very first session you guided me not only in material but how to effectively approach both the 7 and 66. I cannot thank you enough for all the helpful tips and knowledge you provided me. You were able to highlight my weaknesses and help me capitalize on them. I was so pleased with your ability to strategically formalize a plan and how to execute it, that I recommended your services to a co-worker of mine. 


I just wanted to say thank you again and all the best- the service you provide is top-notch.



Carmine, New Brunswick, NJ


​I had previously taken the Series 66 Exam twice and failed with a 69 & 70. I had studied with Kaplan and also the PassPerfect systems and couldn't quite grasp some of the concepts. I was ready to toss in the towel and give up on the financial industry and then someone suggested a tutor she had used. I decided to give it one more try. I called Michael and although I'm in San Diego and he is not, we scheduled an appointment online. I feared this online tutoring might not be for me but it couldn't have worked out any better! One by one he helped me understand the topics I was struggling with and explained the concepts very logically. He also helped me understand how the questions are written and how to find the "most correct" or "least incorrect" answer. The Series 66 Exam is written differently than the Series 7 and can throw you for a loop if you're not ready. After 15-20 sessions I felt confident and ready. I just passed last week with an 83%. Thank you Michael and bring on the financial industry!


Nick, San Diego, CA

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